Success Stories

We approved this client for a $50k business line of credit facility based on their daily EFTPOS sales. This gave them  the opportunity to pay upfront for their stock at a significantly reduced price as well as meet their weekly wages expenses.

Discount Retail Outlets

Recently we assisted a transport company based in Qld with a $30k invoice finance facility to enable them to meet their ongoing expenses such as sub-contractor costs and fuel payments.

Transport Company

Our clients also include barristers and sole legal practitioners. These clients frequently have considerable cashflow issues due to the time and the costs involved in conducting legal disputes, which in turn results in long lead times before any cash payments can be received. We provided these clients with fully confidential line of credit facilities. Each facility limit was based on the total amount of outstanding invoices, irrespective of their age, and took into account the total amount of the work in progress.

Barristers and Legal Practitioners

This client is involved in the construction industry which means that a large number of their invoices are related to progress payments. Also their average payment terms are between 30 and 60 days with some payments extending to 90 or more days. We were able to assist this client by establishing an invoice discounting facility for them, advancing up to 80% of the value of each issued invoice. On our recommendation, the client also had their invoices and trading terms and conditions reviewed and amended by a legal practitioner to take advantage of the strict payment time-frames under the relevant Security of Payment legislation.

Electrical Contractor

We also provided $150k debtor finance facility to a residential builder based in South Australia. This facility allowed the company to take on larger projects and meet their day-to-day commitments.

Residential Builder

We provided a small IT company with a $40k business line of credit facility. This gave them the opportunity to grow and develop new products as well as improve their cash-flow.

IT Company

We were also able to help a newly established fitness centre to further grow its membership base. In this case, the client did not have traditional “bricks and mortar” security to be able to obtain a business loan from a bank. Based on the fees coming into the business from the existing members, we were able to establish a $30,000 line of credit facility for this client. This provided our client with immediate cash to make further improvements to the business and to conduct a successful marketing campaign.

Fitness Centre

This client was very passionate about growing her business. She had a good business plan but was not able to obtain funding from the banks due to the lack of assets. We initially provided this client with a small line of credit facility based on the existing cashflow stream generated from the fees paid by the parents. As her student base grew we were able to increase our facility limit to allow her to employ more teachers, lease new business premises and market her services to more schools.

Dance Studio