Invoice Finance

With our Invoice Finance facility you can receive cash as soon as your invoices are sent to your customers

In a current competitive environment many small businesses sell their goods and services to their customers on credit terms. That is, they allow their customers 30, 60 and sometimes even 90 days to pay after the delivery of the products or services. This is a great way to gain more customers and grow your business but could potentially be detrimental if your business does not have enough cash to meet its day-to-day expenses while waiting for your customers to pay. Invoice factoring for small business (also known as invoice financing for small business) from ABR Finance can solve the cash flow problems by providing cash to your business as soon as invoices are issued to your customers. We can also offer single invoice finance for any small businesses that may only require funds against a particular invoice or have one major customer.

What is Invoice Finance?

  • Invoice Financing involves your business selling its unpaid invoices to us. In return, we will provide you with immediate access to cash, usually equal to 70 to 80% of the total face value of the invoices.
  • When an invoice is paid by your customer to us, we will pay the balance of the face value of the invoice to you, less our fees.
  • Invoice Financing can be completely confidential. That is, you do not have to disclose to your customers that the invoices have been sold to us.

How can my business benefit?

Invoice Finance (or Debtor Finance) is designed for businesses who sell their products or services to customers on payment terms but may not have access to sufficient funds to meet current business expenses.

What are the advantages?

  • You can receive cash as soon as the invoices are raised and sent to the customers for payment. This will improve the cashflow and working capital position of your business.
  • You can use the funds to meet ATO and payroll obligations, purchase new plant and equipment or finance business expansion.
  • No bricks and mortar security required.
  • This facility is ongoing for as long as you need it and it can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.
  • No penalties for early repayment and no exit fees.
  • There are no annual reviews or hidden costs.
  • The approval process is fast and simple. Applications can be completed over the phone and, in most cases, loan approval provided within 48 hours.

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