Debtor Finance Sydney

ABR Finance is providing many small businesses with debtor finance in Sydney to unlock the cash tied up in their debtors’ ledger.


Any businesses that allow their customers a longer period to pay their invoices (such as 30, 60 or 90 days) will greatly benefit from this type of facility. It will provide the business with much needed cash as soon as the products and/ or services are delivered and the invoices are issued.

Benefits of Debtor Finance

We all know that profit is important but without cash, businesses would not be able to continue to operate. Business expenses, such as wages, rent, inventory costs and ATO payments need to be made on a regular basis, irrespective of whether the business has been paid for its products and services or not. This means that the longer your customers take to pay you the more pressure you will be under on a day-to-day basis.

A debtor finance facility is one of the best ways to smooth the cash flow peaks and troughs. It is also beneficial for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth and require extra funding to purchase new plant and equipment or purchase new materials or more inventory.

If the business is experiencing cash flow issues and is falling behind in its payment commitments, this may impact negatively on their credit rating and further jeopardise its ability to raise funds. We understand that many small businesses may be in this situation and will do our best to assist.

With debtor finance facility in place you will be able to catch up with your payment arrears. For example, many of our clients experiencing difficulties in keeping up with the ATO payments were able to negotiate a payment arrangement with the ATO on the basis of the cash being available from the debtor finance facility.

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