Debtor Finance Adelaide

Small businesses requiring extra cash to finance growth or to fix a temporary cash flow issue can now unlock the value of their unpaid invoices (or accounts receivable) and obtain debtor finance in Adelaide from ABR Finance Pty Ltd.


In the past this form of finance was only available to large businesses with at least $1m debtors’ ledger and a multi-million dollar turnover. This is no longer the case, any small business that has unpaid invoices (no matter how small) can now receive cash for those invoices as soon as they are issued.

Debtor Financing with ABR Finance

Imagine operating your business on a cash-on-delivery basis. This is now possible with a debtor finance facility from ABR Finance. In simple terms, you will receive 80% of the value of your unpaid invoices as soon as you deliver your products or services to your customers. When a full payment is received from your customer for any of the invoices, we will pay the balance to you less our fee.

Many small business owners do not realise that their debtors’ ledger is a real asset and can be used to raise funds to grow their business, take advantage of profitable business opportunities or to smooth temporary cash flow bumps.


Unlike a bank overdraft, which is fixed (usually depending on how much real estate security you can provide to your bank), debtor finance is flexible and will increase in line with the growth in your business. That is, the more debtors (or unpaid invoices) you have in your business the more cash we can give you, provided of course your invoices are for the goods delivered and/ or serviced provided and are not disputed by your customers. And we will not ask you to mortgage your family home to qualify.

Contact us today on 1300 400 770 or enquire on our website at ABR Finance if you would like to apply or require further information on debtor factoring in Adelaide. In most cases, we will be able to provide you with our approval within 48 hours.

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