ABR Finance Pty Ltd is a private finance company specialising in cash flow finance for the small business sector.

We offer a range of flexible loan products specifically developed to assist businesses with working capital requirements and temporary cash flow problems.


5 Reasons to Choose ABR Finance For Cash Flow Lending

Fast and Simple Loan Approval

Borrow From $10,000 to $300,000+

Blemish On a Credit Record Is Not A Problem

No Need To Provide “Bricks and Mortar” Security

Unlike The Banks We Are Eager To Say “Yes”

Have you had difficulties obtaining traditional banking finance due to the following?

  •  not being able to provide 3 years of financial data
  •  not being able to provide profitable trading figures
  •  not being able to provide any real estate as security
  •  having a blemish on your credit record
  •  being in arrears with ATO payments

We can help you

Launched in 2012, ABR Finance Pty Ltd is a private finance company specialising in loans for the small business sector. Generally, any small business that sells goods or services on credit terms or has ongoing contractual arrangements with its customers would be a good candidate for our facilities.

We are able to assist businesses that may not fit into a traditional invoice finance structure as their business model is based on a periodic fee arrangement with its customers (e.g. property management agents, child care service providers and fitness centre operators). We can also advance funds against consumer invoices. This is specifically relevant for small contractors and any businesses operating in a professional services sector, such as real estate, accounting and legal service providers.

Our aim is to assist businesses with their temporary cash flow requirements to ensure their long-term success.

Cash Flow Loans

The Problem

Lack of cash-flow is a number one cause of failure of small businesses in Australia. This is because many small businesses are operated by sole traders, small partnerships or by family owned companies with very few or no assets that can be used to obtain a business line of credit or an overdraft from a bank. Operating without a line of credit or a bank overdraft means that you are extremely susceptible to cash flow fluctuations (whether these fluctuations are temporary or seasonal). This would be an equivalent to always running your car on empty or very close to empty – not knowing whether you will get to your destination without running out of petrol. For small businesses running out of cash means insolvency, and ultimately failure, as they are not able to meet their payment obligations as they become due. This is a problem not only of the small business owners but also for the economy at large, as most businesses in Australia are small businesses run by sole traders, partnerships or families.

Our Solution

With a cash-flow finance facility from ABR Finance your small businesses will be able to access the extra cash needed to smooth your cash-flow bumps. You will be able to pay your suppliers on time and meet all your day-to-day obligations as and when they arise. There is no need for any real estate security and our approval process is fast and simple. In most cases, we will provide you with our answer within 24 to 48 hours. And if you have a blemish on your credit record or are falling behind in your ATO obligations, it is not a problem. We will do our best to say “Yes”.

Short Term Business Loans

Many small businesses in Australia are currently experiencing cash flow problems and, as a result, are unable to meet their ongoing expenses and obligations, such as payments to their suppliers and ATO obligations. A business loan from ABR Finance will provide your small business with immediate funds to fix periodic cash flow problems, without the need for you to provide your house as a security. You can be approved and have cash in your account within 48 hours.

If you would like further information on business loans, debtor finance and business line of credit, please contact ABR Finance on 1300 400 770.

How it Works

Once your application has been approved, you will supply ABR Finance with copies of your invoices. Once confirmed ABR Finance will supply you with 80% of the invoice value. You will then change the account details your customer will pay to the account specificed by ABR FInance. This way, once you deliver your goods or services, your customer will pay directly into the ABR Finance account, which will then be passed onto you (less fees).

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